#0472: Peter Vronsky; Pete Geiger; & Michael Rosenblum

The Stuph File Program

Science writer, Andrew FazekasThe Night Sky Guy, talks about the mystery of the man-made puncture of the Russian space capsule at the International Space Station. Andrew is also the author of Star Trek The Official Guide to Our Universe: The True Science Behind the Starship Voyages

Etan Ilfeld is the inventor a Diving Chess, which takes the game of chess into the pool. You can also find out more about this another other adventurous games at msoworld.com.

Mindfulness expert Steve Taubman talks about humour and your well being. He’s also the author of Buddha In The Trenches: The Timeless System For Developing Unshakable Performance Under Pressure

This week’s opening slate is presented by Al Randall, former broadcaster & freelance voice artist.

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